My name is Micah Childress and I am originally from Carthage, North Carolina. I am a web developer by trade and enjoy designing, engineering and fabricating micro-controller devices in my free time.



I have a degree in Computer Engineering and 15+ years programming experience. For the last 10 or so years I have been pursuing a career in web application development. I am a full stack developer with an emphasis on Javascript and PHP. I am very comfortable in a LAMP environment and have also have worked on projects based on the Windows Web Platform. I regularly employ several Content Management Systems, and Web Frameworks for quick platform deployment.


I currently live in Orange county North Carolina with my wife and two sons.


  1. Gotta have a web presence these days.
  2. Five digit domains are in short supply.
  3. It’s pronounced “Uh-gelp” not “Age-EL-PEE.”